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More Exposure. Less Spend.

Targeted banner ad campaigns for just $299/mo

100,000+ Views/Mo

On top websites your customers visit

Animated Creative

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Join hundreds of businesses growing their brands with Sophos Marketing


Why Sophos Marketing?

Cast a wider net ...

No one makes a decision after seeing one ad. Purchasing is the end of a journey, and awareness  helps more customers end at your business.

... and spend less doing it.

Banner ads are a better value than other channels. And if you're already advertising elsewhere, they can only complement your strategy.

Consumers spend 50% more time on websites than social media. Reach them where they are.


Banner ads are effective for businesses in almost any industry, and we have data to prove it.


Find your industry and see what we can do.


Everything You Need.

One Price.


per location, six month commitment


one-time setup

per campaign


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Every campaign includes:

100,000+ Views/Mo

Animated Creative

Precision Targeting

Detailed Reporting

In-Display Video

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That's all we need! From there, we'll:

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  • Define your unique geofence & targeting strategy

  • Place your ad(s) over 100,000 times a month