Client Reviews

“When we engaged Sophos Marketing, we were amazed at how easy they made the process and how quickly they developed a full strategy. We spent less than 30 minutes discussing the campaign, and once it launched, we immediately saw an uptick in enrollments despite little other change in our marketing. Less time, less money, with high impact results!”

– Arvind Mallik | Assistant Dean of Strategy, Planning & Analysis

"Sophos Marketing has been an awesome partner for us and is very in-tune with our needs and market. They do a great job!"

– Malcolm Farmer | President & GM

“Sophos Marketing moved into our office space in July. Once we learned what they did, we quickly signed up to boost awareness. Since then, we've filled our offices much faster than we initially expected. We recommend Sophos Marketing to any business looking to improve awareness.”

– Mani Patel | Owner, Venture X Legacy West

“The team at Sophos Marketing have a focused and compact approach which takes care of the heavy lifting for you. This is supported by a strong strategy and creative capability.

– Marcel Van Eeden | Partner

"Before we worked with Sophos Marketing, we used to get 1-2 leads per month through our online sweepstakes. After we started our campaign with Sophos Marketing, the increased awareness and web traffic have increased this to 50+ in just 3 weeks!"

– Patrick Walker | Owner, Frisco, TX Office

"Sophos Marketing has been invaluable to us. Their approach to online advertising has had a strong impact to our company’s bottom line. They're easy to work with, and I find their proactive approach and clear reporting makes digital marketing one of our stand out programs. I would highly recommend Sophos Marketing to any company looking to grow their business."

– Lisa Dawson | Marketing Director

"Sophos Marketing has been an effective way to increase awareness of our office. I appreciate the ease of working with them and the quality of their ads, and their monthly reports show me how well my campaigns are performing. I would recommend them to anyone interested in increasing market awareness – at a very affordable price."

– Dr. Eric Sacks, DMD

"Sophos Marketing provides cost-effective and targeted marketing solutions with performance metrics that validate effectiveness and ensure a smart spend.“

– Lisa Laskey Parks | Marketing Manager

"Our custom display ads have driven a steady stream of new patients each month. The ads tell our story and highlight what’s unique about Fit Physical Therapy. I highly recommend Sophos Marketing to any business owner looking to build awareness for their product or service. My return on investment has been higher than ever imagined."

– Leslie Frater, DPT | Founder

"Sophos Marketing is wonderful to work with. They really work hard to produce results for their clients. That's why I trust them and recommend clients for their service."

– Lisa Dye | Owner

"The display ads Sophos Marketing created build a connection with our potential patients. We value their expertise, attention to detail, responsiveness, and timely reporting of data. We see a measurable ROI each month and would recommend Sophos Marketing to any business."

– Matt Schindlbeck | Co-Owner