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The future of workspace combined with powerful digital advertising, built to grow your location.

Our platform finds websites your target customers visit, buys ad space, and places your ad. In other words, your ad will appear where it makes sense. And we design your ads, too.

Included in your Venture X Schedule A*
Your Subscription Includes:
100,000 guaranteed ad views per month, and we continuously optimize for more
Animated ads custom-built for your location
Detailed monthly reports with ad impressions, clicks & targeting details
Brand safety & bot avoidance ensuring your ads are seen on safe sites
Pixel & click retargeting to keep customers visiting your site
Plus: FREE Grand Opening Ad Exlusively for Venture X Owners ($349 value)
Highlight your grand opening with an additional custom ad. Perfect for specials and offers!
Complete Your Digital Strategy With Top-of-Funnel Awareness
Reach Your Target Customers for Less
All impressions are geofenced to a relevant audience
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Reviews & Testimonials
"Sophos Marketing moved into our office space in July. Once we learned what they did, we quickly signed up for their service to boost awareness of our new Venture X. Enrolling only took a few minutes and they did the heavy lifting. Since launching the campaign, the increased awareness has helped us fill our offices more quickly than we initially expected. We recommend Sophos Marketing for all Venture X owners."

– Mani Patel | Owner, Venture X Legacy West
"Sophos Marketing is a game changer in Digital Advertising. With the ability to microfocus on doing what they do best (Digital Display Ads), they are able to provide the most value! I was able to get close to 1,000 ad views for every $1 I spent. My cost/click was $2 versus Google Adwords' $14."

– Nadim Ahmed | Owner, Venture X Dallas North

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Step 3

Review and approve your ads! You'll see something in 1-2 weeks.