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Serve your digital ads exclusively in a localized area. We use geofencing technology to build a virtual fence around any address, so you can advertise directly to those within.

Street Level Advertising, Redefined

Hotels. Offices. Convention centers. Neighborhoods. With Event & Venue Targeting, you define exactly where your ad is seen.

Conferences & Conventions

Engage attendees without renting a booth

Indoor & Outdoor Events

Geofence concerts, shows, rallies, and more

Office Buildings

Advertise to decision-makers and prospective clients

Homes & Neighborhoods

Precision targeting, from streets to individual houses

Custom Geofencing

Define a custom targeting radius around an address

Retargeting Included

Continue serving ads to attendees once the event ends

Standard with all campaigns

Precision Advertising for Less

Starting at

60,000 ad views guaranteed

Event attendee retargeting included

Custom, multi-frame creative

Google Analytics Integration (UTM)

Ongoing campaign optimization

Detailed monthly reporting

Any industry. Any size business. Make your mark.

“When we engaged Sophos Marketing, we were amazed at how easy they made the process and how quickly they developed a full strategy. We spent less than 30 minutes discussing the campaign, and once it launched, we immediately saw an uptick in enrollments despite little other change in our marketing. Less time, less money, with high impact results!”

-Arvind Mallik, Assistant Dean of Strategy, Planning & Analysis