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Full Programmatic

for Any Business

We offer full service, managed programmatic display, with campaign minimums starting at $299/mo.

Everything You Need

Comes Standard

Custom, HTML5 Banner Ads

Our designers build your ads in-house, in full compliance with any brand standards.

Precision Targeting

Including behavioral and third-party data, plus geofencing and retargeting at no extra cost.

Detailed Monthly Reporting

You'll see how every dollar is spent.

Guaranteed CPMs

No matter what you spend, we'll deliver quality inventory with industry-leading performance. Our CPMs are consistently below $2.00.

Cutting-Edge Creative 

We build animated HTML5 ads, made by designers who follow brand style and voice rigorously. These banners will integrate flawlessly with your current campaigns.

Guaranteed CPMs,

Regardless of Spend

Spend as little as


Industry-leading performance

Maximum $2.99 CPM, guaranteed

(and we always do better)

per location, six month commitment


one-time setup

per campaign


Custom-built, animated HTML5 creative

Precision targeting, including on top sites

Detailed monthly reporting

Any industry. Any size business. Make your mark.

“When we engaged Sophos Marketing, we were amazed at how easy they made the process and how quickly they developed a full strategy. We spent less than 30 minutes discussing the campaign, and once it launched, we immediately saw an uptick in enrollments despite little other change in our marketing. Less time, less money, with high impact results!”

-Arvind Mallik, Assistant Dean of Strategy, Planning & Analysis