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You see Banner Ads on almost every website. Think of them as online billboards – they introduce your brand to the masses. Plus, they click directly to your homepage.

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Banner ads are a better value than other awareness channels. If you're already advertising elsewhere, they serve as the digital component of your strategy.

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100,000+ views per month, guaranteed

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Any industry. Any size business. Make your mark.

“When we engaged Sophos Marketing, we were amazed at how easy they made the process and how quickly they developed a full strategy. We spent less than 30 minutes discussing the campaign, and once it launched, we immediately saw an uptick in enrollments despite little other change in our marketing. Less time, less money, with high impact results!”

–Arvind Mallik | Assistant Dean of Strategy, Planning & Analysis

Any industry. Any size. Make your mark.
Any industry. Any size. Make your mark.